One of the greatest concerns to an investor is the physical safety and security of their financial assets. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Verity Investment Counsel Inc. client portfolios are managed on a segregated basis, which means each client’s assets are kept and managed separately from, and not commingled with, those of other clients. Equally as important, client assets are never commingled with Firm assets.

An independent, recognized custodian holds each client’s assets in safekeeping, in the client’s name. The custodian is also responsible for providing periodic account reporting directly to the client. This would include a record of transactions and valuation summaries for the specified period and consolidated year-end tax reporting data.

Verity Investment Counsel Inc. provides ancillary reporting in the form of account specific performance measurement and a quarterly newsletter Veritas. The combination of reporting and ongoing counselling keeps each client current with developments in his or her portfolio and secure in the knowledge that it is being properly looked after.