Verity Investment Counsel Inc. operates in a niche market and serves a small number of clients to ensure the highest level of ongoing service to those clients. Each client has access to his or her own portfolio manager, facilitating the development of a close and long-term relationship. The portfolio manager’s responsibility to the client includes managing that client’s investment portfolio and providing overall investment counsel to the client. We have found that this level of service is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain as traditional providers become larger and more institutionalized.

To assure the high level of service to which Verity is committed, all Verity partners and portfolio managers possess varied and extensive client service experience within the financial and fiduciary services industry. As a result, our clients benefit from the combined knowledge and diversity of experience of all Verity members.

We know that each client’s needs and objectives are unique. Because of this, every portfolio created for a client is based on a careful analysis of that client’s individual return requirements, risk tolerances and circumstances. The ongoing management of the client’s portfolio responds to their changing circumstances and goals, regardless of the influence. Throughout the process, the portfolio manager continues to provide guidance and counsel ensuring that the client is always supported and well informed.

From our experience, we know that successful relationships between portfolio manager and client are built on continued clear and direct communication. This continued communication, and the trust it fosters, will allow these successful relationships to endure. Verity portfolio managers have firsthand knowledge of the value of communication to the client, which is why communication is the cornerstone of the counselling component of our service.

Verity Investment Counsel Inc. is for clients who want accountable professionals to manage their portfolio.